Wedding Pakistani-Six Tips to Plan a Wedding Pakistani

Published: 10th September 2010
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Wedding Pakistani-Six Tips to Plan a Wedding Pakistani

A wedding Pakistani is actually held for four days, starting with mehndi. This ceremony is being done several days before the actual wedding date. Mehndi is celebrated by the groom bringing food to the family of the bride. The family of the bride will reciprocate by doing the same and bring food also to the family of the groom.

The dolki follows next where the family of the groom serenades the bride with wedding songs. Nikah is the actual wedding ceremony observing Islamic tradition. This is folowed by the shaadi, the reception that follows after the wedding ceremony.

The celebration dies not end with the nikah and shaadi since the following day, the walima will be held. This is the dinner organized and hosted by the groom and the bride.

Planning a wedding

A four-day wedding obviously requires plenty of preparation. It should cover all activities and ensure that all the procedures go on as scheduled and as efficiently as possible. Hereunder are the things to consider when planning for a wedding.

Choose an event planner

Hiring a professional event planner will lighten the load of the couple. With a professional planner, all aspects of the wedding will be taken cared of. They will be responsible for the details, even attending to small things that ordinarily might be forgotten.

Prepare the Programs

The four-day celebration will definitely require specific activities for each day. A well-planned wedding can be observed with the variety of activities each day. This will add to the excitement not only of the bride and groom but the family members and guests as well.

Prepare the Invitation

This includes the identification of family members from both sides, and the guests that will be invited. Care should be made not to left out any friend or close associates in the list. An appropriate invitation card will enhance the quality of the overall celebration.

Select a Wedding Gift

There are many business establishments offering wedding gifts. The most appropriate to the event and the theme of the wedding should be chosen. It should blend with the wedding theme.

Choose the dresses in various ceremonies

For the various celebrations, there is a need to choose the set of dresses early. This will enable those who prepare them to do small repairs when necessary. These preparations should also include the jewelry that will be used during the different ceremonies.

Choose the most appropriate venue

In choosing the venue, it should be conscious of the decoration that should blend with the theme of the wedding. The choice of food will also be necessary if the reception will be held in the same venue.

Considering all of these preparations, a wedding Pakistani will be very successful that will leave happy memories to the couple and to the people who witnessed it.

If you are stuck in finding ways to plan wedding Pakistani and do not want to spoil all the hard work of your wedding planning click here to find out how these tips can help you to plan your wedding the way you want it to be.

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